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  • 7 years ago

No action from police for 4 months to stop disturbance

Reported on April 13, 2016 from Wattala , Western  ι Report #100470

I live in Wattala and this has been a peaceful place for many years. There is this villa which opened about 3 or 4 months ago and they have vey loud parties which go till the next day. This is a disturbance to many people in the area. You are allowed to play music at a certain level but this level is like a level for a public event. Police have been told but not a single action is taken most probable due to police receiving bribes from the hotel owner.
The hotel that owns this villa is called Araliya hotel. This villa is not registered or licensed by tourist board and they dont have permits to play loud music.
Till now 8.30AM music is still blasting and our children cannot sleep or enjoy the holidays.
119 number was busy at 12.15AM so Gampaha police was called. Wattala police was called and police headquarters were called as there was no response. Music stopped for a short while and stated again. Till now 8.30AM music is blasting.
Why isn't the police stopping this? Araliya Villa is just a house with a board how can this has such freedom to disturb the public where police are scared to take any action? Someone is getting a bribe to ignore this. This is on the same road as the Preethipura home.
Why are these drug parties allowed to be a problem to the community?

Till now the music is still blasting and police won't touch the Araliya hotel and the Araliya Villa. Why is this?

You can remove this link but this site has what has been happening since december https://www.facebook.com/wattalasrilanka/posts/826689814106806

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