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  • 5 years ago

Corrupt Immigration Officers

Reported on September 25, 2018 from Colombo , Western  ι Report #189728

Dear Team,

I would like to bring in to your knowledge about my experience visiting your country. At first i was so excited to step in to the ground of your beloved country as i’ve search a lot about it starting from visa to beautiful places to visit. I never felt scared to travel alone to your country because of the people whom i have worked with as they are so loving and friendly. But this is my regret to let you know of my experience when i was interrogated and harassed during my exit interview in the immigration. I have provided all my travel documents and the documents i needed to visit my next stop, Dubai, when the immigration officer threatened me that he will send me back to my country as he said he was not convinced that i am really a tourist. I told him why would he do that if i have all documents i needed are right on his front. He still insist to send me back to Philippines till i asked him what he really need for me to board the plane as i will be running late soon. He asked me then how much money i have. And he said he will allow me to go only if i will give him money. Where is the justice here? Its my right to travel but he used that against me just because he was assuming that i will go to Dubai not for touring purposes when in fact everything is complete as per Sri Lankan immigration requirement. They took all money i have left leaving me with just 100 aed . Please look into this or before I post this experience to expose how corrupt and greedy your immigration officers are.

Date of incident : September 25, around 1 am.
Flight : Emirates bound for Dubai
Who : the Duty Officer sitting on the second table from entrance door of the immigration.Please check CCTV at this hour.

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