• I Paid A Bribe
  • 5 years ago

Extortion of money for a supposed to be free visa.

Reported on March 25, 2018 from Colombo , Western  ι Report #180335

PATKA Jaryawardena
March 25, 2018
Arrival of Sri Lankan Airport

I was on the line, when the immigration officer examined my return visa to Doha which is ready to print and said that it is illegal to stay in Colombo for such reason like Visa Break. I said regardless if its Visa Break or not, I am a traveller and chose to travel to Sri Lanka, and for whatever reasons, I think Immigration Officers shouldnt stop people from entering their country given that they have been travelling and have supporting documents to prove my 1 night stay. So he called someone on the phone all I can hear is "Filipini" and he let me go to the Via on Arrival and come back to him. I paid 40USD and I asked for a receipt, they didnt give me, So when I went back to that Immigration officer, he said in a low voice like whispering that what I am doing is not right and I have to pay him 20 USD for the special favor. At first I didnt agree but because I was tired and he has no plan on releasing me, I gave me. Imagine everyone on the line is finished and I was the only one left at the counter. He even told me I have to pay another 20 USD before my departure. I said I wont and this wont be unactioned because I will really do something as I am not in favor of corruption and extorting travelers who chose to visit their country. He stamped my passport with 2 days stay which I supposed, a free visa. What a shame.

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